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    Choosing jobs wisely

    Hello everyone, I am a new graduate and became an RN in march. Yesterday I was offered a home health job with a good salary, benefits, vacation and of course some complicated patients providing great learning experiences. The place also offers regular promotions and raises from within. I am returning to school to become an NP so I do see a good future here with this company. However, I also want to specialize in critical care and take some time to be a critical care flight nurse. To do this, I need experience in an ER or ICU. My question is this: is it a smart move to take the home health job and gain some experience as a nurse then reapply to hospitals in a year? Will home health experience make it harder for me to get an ER or ICU position, or will it help me? I want to be involved in helping patients as a whole as well as emergency work. I love both so much. I just want to make the right decision here. Thank you for your thoughts and input. Layla