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    Endorsement from NY to NJ: Help!

    Hi everyone. I am not sure where to post this. I am looking for some answers about my plan to transfer to NJ. My case is very specific so I will try to get it all straight and short. 1. I am a Canadian with active license from NY. I am educated in the Philippines. 2. I am planning to apply for jobs in the US by virtue of NAFTA. I have a CGFNS visa screen certificate on hand. 3. A job offer came from NJ. I am trying to endorse from NY, however SSN is required. I don’t know how could I possibly get one given I still live in Canada. I called NJBON to ask if ITIN would do and they told me not sure about it. I am not sure what steps I should do from now. Also, I understand I need to get CES report which I don’t know if I should process by now or wait till I get SS. Thank you for reading my post and I appreciate any input.