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  1. Hi guys!!! Thank you all for your help- I immensely appreciate it & all of you definitely answered my question! Ouch, that’s pretty brutal that some schools won’t round just because of .1%!!! Yes, for my school system a 89.99% = A.....79.9% = B and so on! Thank’s guys!
  2. I’m starting my accelerated 18 month BSN program in three months and for the requirements for our grades it states: -GPA of 3.0 in any semester -Cumulative GPA of 3.0 does this mean that I have to get AT LEAST get a 79.99-80% in ALL of my classes? They allow us to get two W’s and 1 fail. Im super excited to start nursing school, however I’m very nervous at the same time since I’ve NEVER been a straight A student. Does my nursing program sound difficult? What do you guys think? And any advice on what kind of things you guys did or are doing which have led to success?! Thank’s a bunches in advance!