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  1. Hi everyone! Im hoping someone is able to share their experience with me. I was accepted into an associate's degree nursing program (RN) at my community college and planning using my post 9/11 gi bill benefits. The program is considered a full time program. In the Fall however, I will only have 7 credits, followed by 12 in the Spring and again 7 or 8 in the Fall of 2020. The coursework is predetermined by the program chair and while I will be a "full time" nursing student, 7 credits is not considered full time under the Post 9/11 GI Bill. I contacted the school VA Center who then sent my email to an academic advisor who told me he would have to add a second major so that I can take more classes to reach 12 credits. This doesn't sound right, does it? The school does not recommend working more than 20 hours a week because of how rigorous the nursing program is. I am a little worried because we are a family of 6 and I was really counting on the housing allowance to help since I will be dropping to part time at work at the start of the program. I was under the impression that because I would be enrolled in a full time nursing program, I would be able to use my benefits as such. I would greatly appreciate any guidance you may have. Thank you in advance.