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  1. tacos84

    Gateway Fast track LPN

    Thank you for your response! Sorry I haven't responded sooner. I have been studying for the Hesi A2 entrance exam.
  2. tacos84

    Gateway Fast track LPN 2019

    Wow!! That's more like 3 semesters of waiting!!! Well, I am prepared to wait if that's what it takes to avoid a pricey private school. Thanks for answering me back. I hope you will update us all when you do start.
  3. CNA for 8 years and I love it!💞

  4. tacos84

    Gateway Fast track LPN

    Anybody attend this LPN program? If so, what was it like for you and how long did you wait to get in? Thanks.
  5. tacos84

    Gateway Fast track LPN 2019

    This is where I want to go!!! It seems like a good school and heck you can't beat the tuition. Did you ever get into the program?

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