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  1. just asking because the nursing director of the USC hospital advices me against going that route. She said she doesn’t count it as relevant experience and that she would treat someone who worked for four or five years in a SNF as a new grad. It might just be LA. Too many people want to come here.
  2. Hi! I just saw you were accepted into GCC. Congratulations and I envy you, because gcc was my first choice. I was accepted into county and college of the canyons and wanted to let you know that I am 90% sure I will go to coc rather than county. I believe county is superior to coc and glendale, but I am pregnant with my second baby and I believe that coc is more accommodating than county. I just wanted to let you know that my spot will likely open by Beginning of December. Good luck!!!

    1. itscindy


      Hi Heidi!

      Congratulations on your acceptance to CoC and county! Thanks so much on messaging me about giving up your spot at CONAH. This community is amazing. I was already given my spot back for county so I’ll be declining GCC soon! I hope that means spots open up for GCC and maybe you’ll get some good news from them too.

      Good luck on your nursing journey!! Hugs 🙂

  3. Heidi Kaffeekanne

    Glendale community College spring 202

    I got rejected as well. I am a bit sad because i got so used to this school. Luckily, I was accepted at two other schools and I know Glendale is a lottery (for sure it is since I applied with high stats, a bachelors degree and a CNA certificate and I took all my prerequisites there). I encourage everyone who has competitive stats to not only apply to lottery programs but schools that select by points system. Good luck!
  4. Heidi Kaffeekanne

    Glendale community College spring 202

    I just called them. They have had more applications this time than they had had ever before. I was told to secure a sport at another school because chances are so low. Also they will be sending out letters in batches. Some of us might hear back very late.
  5. Hi all, I also posted this in the forum "Colleges", but feel I might get more responses over here. Its my first time ever posting here. I need advice. I applied for nursing school this fall and was accepted so far for two our of three schools I had applied for. I had applied for Glendale Community College (which is my favorite school, but they haven’t send out letters yet and it’s a lottery system), College of the Canyon and LA County School of Nursing. As previously mentioned, I was accepted into both College of the Canyon and LA County School of Nursing. I was wondering if you can give me your opinion on which school to choose. Maybe some of you are currently in one of the programs or have recently graduated from either one. My problem is that I live pretty much right in the middle between both schools. It takes me 20min (without traffic, but there is always traffic) to get to La County, but 35min if I have to drive during rush hour. It takes me 30min to get to College of the Canyon (without traffic, but there is hardly any traffic). Consequently, the commute is about the same. College of the Canyon has had an NCLEX pass rate of 92% last year (according to director of the program) and LA County has been hovering in the 90s for the past couple years (except last year). College of the Canyon will have us come 5 days a week in the first semester for six weeks at the end of which we have to pass pharmacology and some skill evaluation. After that, things will slow down and the schedule looks more like two lecture days per week and one 12hour clinical day. Clinical rotations are held in many different locations and they don’t necessarily divide students according to zip code. However, according to current students who spoke at the orientation, the program offers a wide variety of clinical sites including private hospitals and County Hospitals and they said its actually positive that they don’t stay long at one location. College of the Canyon has multiple corporations with Universities to get your BSN ranging from online programs (Ohio University), to local universities like Calstate LA. La County will have us come Monday through Thursday and we usually start at 7am in the morning and are done by early afternoon ( third and fourth semester clinicals are a bit longer). We will have to lecture days and two clinical days. Clinical locations are confined to County Hospitals. They have one Collaboration with Calstate LA to obtain your BSN and an online program is pending with the university of Phoenix. The program is slightly more expensive than COC, but they offer you to sign a contract to wave your tuition if you work for the county after (no job guarantee, but most nurses I know who went there were hired by the county including my mother in law). I should add, that I am a mom of a three-year-old and I am expecting my second baby in late May next year (after first semester). Both schools are supportive. Thoughts on how to make the decision. Maybe you can share your own experiences?
  6. Heidi Kaffeekanne

    Los Angeles County College of Nursing - Spring 2020

    I had so much trouble finding parking, I was about an hour late and very stressed. You can check out my facial expression on my ID . Anyway, I got frustrated because they didn’t accept my recent x-ray (from June or August), although it was done at the USC Verdugo hospital. Instead they tested for tb again and told me that if I tested positive I would have to do another x-ray. It upset me very much. Waiting in the lab took forever. I couldn’t leave until 6.15pm and I had come at 2.30pm to do the life scan.
  7. Heidi Kaffeekanne

    College of the Canyons Spring 2020

    I got accepted, but I will likely decline my spot because I also was accepted into LA County which is closer to my home. Wish you luck and take courage, its not over yet :)!!
  8. Heidi Kaffeekanne

    Los Angeles County College of Nursing - Spring 2020

    I am accepted as well!
  9. Heidi Kaffeekanne

    Los Angeles County College of Nursing - Spring 2020

    I hope not. I want to know it so I can plan accordingly. Why would they say that they send out notifications on October first and then not follow through? I mean, most colleges don’t give an exact date. If you give adapted it would be appropriate to stick to it.
  10. Heidi Kaffeekanne

    Glendale Community College- Fall 2019

    Yes, they expect you to take one or two classes in summer. Summer term starts in June, so it might interfere with your classes.

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