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Silent No More Foundation

Silent No More Foundation is on a mission to protect healthcare workers before, during, and after an assault in the workplace through education, awareness, and legislation.


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      Silent No More Foundation

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    Introducing #SilentNoMore

    Warning: graphic content contained in the beginning of this article. To avoid it but still read the main part of the article, scroll to below the quote box. {End of graphic content.} You’ve probably noticed that violence happens a lot where we work. Healthcare, in general, has the highest incidence of non-fatal workplace violence out of any other industry (almost combined), including law enforcement. In Jessica’s case, psychiatric technicians and aids are at a higher risk of violence than any other role. Data gathered by BLS paints a grim picture of what we face when we go to work: it is dangerous there. In state-run hospitals, assault is the number one cause of injury requiring time away from work. In private and local hospitals, assault is the third leading cause of injury leading to time away from work. Let’s bring this back home, though. The statistics are staggering. The evidence is there. We know this; we’ve experienced this. Let’s talk about what is right in front of us now. Let’s talk about YOU. Have you experienced violence while working in healthcare? What happened the first time you were assaulted at work or witnessed violence? Was it the patient who assaulted you? Were you injured? Did you contact the police? How well were you treated by your employer after? Did you receive workers compensation? Did you take time off? More importantly, how are you? Have you healed? Not just physically, but psychologically — are you better now? I am Angela, and I am the National Director of Silent No More Foundation. We are working on elevating this conversation in meaningful ways. We hope that by being #SilentNoMore, we can build a movement that ensures violence is actively prevented, the severity of assaults are reduced, and the victims receive adequate support and protection from employers after. This is our first of hopefully many posts and articles to come. We’re looking forward to getting to know you all!