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Silent No More Foundation is on a mission to protect healthcare workers before, during, and after an assault in the workplace through education, awareness, and legislation.


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The posts we make here are usually written by Angela (known as Koko on other areas of social media ☺️). Any time we have a guest poster, they’ll let you know who they are. 


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    Security Won't Stop The Violence

    Greetings! I wanted to clarify something that was poorly worded: the examples given were intended on being bad ways of approaching situations. With word limits, clearly I didn’t word that well. Continuing in the article, it says that the mistakes we ...
  2. Silent No More Foundation

    Security Won't Stop The Violence

    "What if we hire more security at night?” This suggestion is a natural conclusion that many people suggest when discussing violence in hospitals. This particular person was Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD), and we were speaking in the weeks...
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    Introducing #SilentNoMore

    Warning: graphic content contained in the beginning of this article. To avoid it but still read the main part of the article, scroll to below the quote box. {End of graphic content.} You’ve probably noticed that violence happens a lot where we work....