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  1. tiana7

    SPC Spring 2022 ASN Applicants

    I got in as well! Congratulations to the both of you!
  2. tiana7

    SPC Spring 2022 ASN Applicants

    @Yami06 Our GPA’s are so similar. Good luck to you! 😇
  3. Hi all! I wanted to create a forum for those applying to St. Petersburg College to start in the Spring of 2022! Even though we will know our results by November 1st, I still wanted to create a place for all of us to talk 🙂 A little bit about me:...
  4. Hello, I wanted to create a space for those attending Galen College of Nursing - Tampa Bay campus (or any campus, for that matter) starting in July. I am coming in with 58 transfer credits completed and will begin July 6th 2021. I am hoping...
  5. tiana7

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    To anyone who is currently still attending classes at SPC, did you send your transcripts to the school with your nursing application? I was under the impression I did not have to. Thank you all so much.
  6. tiana7

    FGCU Spring 2021 Admissions

    Hello, I am having that same exact problem. Everything is closed around me, but I've seen that TEAS is allowing you to take it at home (but still proctored of course). I am waiting on an email back to see if they will accept it. I am cutting it close...
  7. Hello, I wanted to create a board for those applying to Florida Gulf Coast University that hope to start in Spring/January 2021. The app deadline is June 15th!
  8. Hello all, Does anyone have experience taking anatomy & physiology I and introductory chemistry together? I will need to take these two classes together in order to finish my prerequisites on time. Am I overthinking these two courses or do y...