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  1. @PoweRNursing Hey. MGA's nursing applications went live today! 

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    2. nurse_2b


      What type of GPA/TEAS scores are you applying with? Thinking of applying for fall 2021 ASN program after my first year of pre-reqs.  Did anyone do their first year prereqs at MGA Cochran?  I have visited campus once but it seems so remote.  Please let me know your experiences. tyia

    3. PoweRNursing


      Hello nurse_2b! I have 4.0 GPA and 83 TEAS. The ASN program admits fall students on Cochran and Spring students on Dublin. The program average GPA is around 3.1 and average TEAS is around 72. The program admits around 50 for ASN per cohort (Spring and fall). They also have a BSN program with the fall at the Macon campus and Spring ar Warner Robins. The BSN accepts 100 per cohort and the GPA is close to 3.5 and TEAS closer to 75. As the program becomes more well known it becomes more competitive, so keep that in mind when looking at these averages. You can go to 

       for more info. You can visit all pages and find out a little more about the program, teachers, and GPA/TEAS. I hope this helps!

    4. RN2020scm


      @PoweRNursing I will be commuting. I applied to both the ASN & BSN programs. Praying to get into one or the other. @nurse_2b my GPA is a 3.3 & my TEAS score is a 77. I haven't taken any classes at MGA. I have a prior Bachelor's Degree from another university so I've taken all of my pre-reqs


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