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    Podiatry or endoscopy?

    Fellow nurses - I need help picking a specialty. I have job offers in both podiatry and endoscopy and need to accept one very soon. I currently work at a Level I Trauma Center at a large urban teaching hospital. I work 8-hour day shift on a busy neuro unit. The constant Vocera calls, call lights, patient/family abuse of nurses, and physical and emotional exhaustion without proper breaks is getting to me. Im going to take a massive pay cut as both the podiatry and endoscopy jobs offer considerably less. I am a single mom as well. The benefits at the endoscopy position may be slightly better, but the podiatry position is offering me a $2k bonus. I’m a wound resource nurse and the podiatry position will be mostly wound care, which sounds lovely. However, endoscopy has always been extremely interesting to me as I love working with technology and patient education. Apparently we don’t get to take breaks regularly at the podiatry position which is a little concerning, and it’s 8-1700, whereas endoscopy varies anywhere from 530-1830. I’m also not super great at IV insertion but then again that’s based on nursing school and I’m assuming I could improve that skill with hard work? What job would you choose? Why?