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    need advice about TN visa

    Hi, I am a new grad RN-- licensed and graduated from a school in California. I am a Canadian citizen. I have recently received a verbal offer for a new grad program from a big hospital in Southern California. When the recruiter called to congratulate me with the offer, I let her know about needing an offer letter that includes job title, job description, salary, benefits and duration of employment on company letterhead so I can take that information with me to the boarder and apply to TN visa. The recruiter said she will contact their immigration specialist and get back to me since she is unfamiliar with the law-- so she did. She let me know that the immigration specialist at the hospital told her that they don't normally do this for an easy-to-fill position as it requires the hospital to fill out paperwork and pay about a thousand dollars. I told her that TN visa is based off of the NAFTA Treaty that allows Canadian citizens to work in the US without sponsorship and all that paperwork. It seems like their immigration specialist might not fully understand TN Visa?? I'm afraid that they might rescind the job offer to save the hassle of hiring me ..... (but there is essentially nothing they have to do for me to apply to TN...so honestly don't know) I have an upcoming interview with an HCA facility up here in the Bay in August, and I was wondering if I should just wait until I get the actual offer letter-- and just go apply to TN on my own without letting the hospital know first? I'm afraid that they'll just take away this opportunity from me when TN visa really doesn't require the employer to do anything besides giving me the offer letter, which is a pretty standard one... But I also don't want to seem like I am hiding something from them. Does anything have any experience with TN visas and how to go about letting employers understand that it does NOT require sponsorship?