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  1. Chelsea S.

    Houston Methodist Winter Cohort 2022 Applications

    Can someone explain to me which classes are included in the GPA for this application?
  2. Chelsea S.

    HCC Coleman Spring 2021

    thank you!
  3. Chelsea S.

    HCC Coleman Spring 2021

    @Lola thank you for your quick response. The titer I have is from 2019, so it's fairly current. I have been trying to register for pharmacology, but for some reason it's not showing up to register for. I'm so confused. I emailed them, but they haven'...
  4. Chelsea S.

    HCC Coleman Spring 2021

    Hi, I have a question about immunizations. If you have a positive titer, but no record of immunization(it was when I was a child). Do you still have to get the vaccine again, even if you show immunity in your titer? I'm applying Fall 2021 and all imm...
  5. Chelsea S.

    UTA AO BSN Fall 2019

    have you heard of anyone else getting into AO with a total score of 8? I'm trying for Fall 2020.
  6. Chelsea S.

    UTA Online BSN Accelerated Program Questions

    @Lrec333 classes don’t expire at UTA, so you should be fine with the ones you have. The only thing I would say to retake are any classes you received a grade of C or less.

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