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  1. yesitsme

    Latent tb infection

    I got accepted to nursing school and got tb skin test as one of the requirements. To my surprise, the result was positive. Then the chest xray showed minimal infiltration. I’m perfectly healthy, no coughing or fever, so the doctor determined that I had latent tb. Since it’s not contagious, I thought it would be fine for me to get treatment and go to school at the same time. But the school contacted me a week later and said that I couldn’t because the hospitals they sent students for clinicals didn’t accept students that haven’t completed latent tb treatment especially during this time. I’m so confused and devastated. Is this gonna affect my pursuit of RN? I don’t know what to do now.
  2. yesitsme

    Accelerated program eligibility

    Hello, I'll graduate college next year and I want to apply for nursing school after that. I heard about accelerated programs but don't know if I'm eligible to apply. Do you need work experience? What are some nursing schools with good accelerated program and easy to get into?

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