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  1. Hi everyone, I have received offers from 2 different hospitals and I’m having such a hard time deciding which route to take. One offer is from a postpartum unit in a women’s hospital. The second hospital offer, I would have my choice between CV ICU, and CV/Transplant Post Op. I’ve always seen myself working in Obgyn and that’s where my heart is, but I’m also being told my many people in the healthcare field that postpartum will limit my future options if I ever want to do something different. I’ve never pictured myself working in critical care or post op, but I know taking one of these jobs would give me a lot of experience, I would learn a lot and it would make me more marketable in the future. I also have met with the managers of the post op units, and I really like them. The hospitals are similar in terms of size, location, benefits, etc. the biggest different is pay. I would be making around $10k less per year in postpartum, and the hospital does not have many pay increases. I don’t have the opportunity to shadow beforehand due to travel and time restraints. Do I follow my heart and go with postpartum, or my head and go with critical care/post op? I would love some advice from experienced nurses on which route I should take!