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beekindRN is a ASN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. beekindRN

    Question regarding minimum staffing

    Nope nope nope. I only read the first paragraph and skimmed the rest. I'd check your laws for staffing ratios at the very least. 1) We had a dry spell this summer. We follow a strict staffing ratio, and one night our census was so low that it left on...
  2. beekindRN

    I have made a huge mistake...

    Our staffing is odd right now. We have a lot of agency nurses finishing their contracts and a lot higher acuity patients than normal. We're WICKED short-staffed. My boss asked last week if I was willing to work a dayshift instead of a nightshift to ...
  3. beekindRN

    Rant: Feeling like the worst nurse ever

    Full moon was the 15th 😉
  4. beekindRN

    Words of Guidance to New Nurse

    1000x times yes! I'm not sure how your schedule is done, but I'm able to view online everyone who will be working with me. I like to pick a "preceptor," so I never go into a shift clueless. I know who loves to teach and who is receptive to helping me...
  5. beekindRN

    new onset afib

    If you sat outside his room monitoring him all night, that's continuous monitoring. I would call the MD and say he is not currently Afib with RVR but with his extensive cardiac history, I'm afraid he will convert without us knowing on a non-telemetry...
  6. beekindRN

    Ineffective Compressions

    This is wicked -- thank you so much! This patient had JUST arrived to our ICU, so she didn't have an A-line and her pulse ox wasn't reading even on her forehead. I don't hope for another code soon, but should they have one, I'm definitely hoping for...
  7. beekindRN

    Ineffective Compressions

    We do not have access to feedback pads, but are the process of introducing them at our facility. I thought the aide's compressions were well timed, as I was recording and literally watching the clock. Her compressions to me did not seem slow, but a c...
  8. beekindRN

    Ineffective Compressions

    I participated in a code yesterday that was textbook. Everything went as expected, but the overall prognosis for the patient was extremely poor. This was her fourth (and seemingly endless) code in just a couple hours. My question is we had two nurse...
  9. My school said that this would "exclude" you from starting this semester, and you'd have to reapply for the following semester. I, like you, missed my timeline for vaccinations. I was in the middle of planning for a wedding I wasn't sure I wanted an...
  10. beekindRN

    Nurse as a Patient?

    I provided a non biased report, but explained the issues and encouraged oncoming nurses to glance at some notes entered about her behavior. My shift brought aboard a team conference with management and even HR! I heard she's been a bit better since t...
  11. beekindRN

    Nurse as a Patient?

    I told her 🙂 When she was being particularly manipulative, I told her I was going to document all care given and conversations had appropriately, and that my goal is to provide good care. She was not pleased.
  12. beekindRN

    Nurse as a Patient?

    The ED knows and doesn't mind a bit! They even tubed up chocolate chip cookies and warm wipes to her last night 😒
  13. beekindRN

    Nurse as a Patient?

    Update: I'm back in this unit but do not have her as a patient. I have been commended by two house supervisors and three nurses on how I handled the situation. Management is VERY aware, everything was documented as close to real-time as possible, and...
  14. beekindRN

    Nurse as a Patient?

    Hello all! I recently had a shift that left a bitter taste in my mouth. One of my patients was a coworker from another unit. Let's call her "Claire." Claire works in the ED and is a well-regarded nurse. She received many gifts from colleagues and doc...
  15. beekindRN

    Never feeling good enough, despite milestones

    I'm an ICU nurse. After a particularly rough shift, my coworker and I were discussing things that scared us $#!+less. It did not involve codes, CRRT, vssopressors, pulling sheaths, emergent intubations... ...we both agreed: A walkie talkie who is not...