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    Transfer LPN from New York to Colorado

    Hi all, I want to sincerely apologize upfront for the stupid question and thank you in advance for your patience! My girlfriend and I are moving to Colorado from New York and want to verify: 1) If CO Board of Nursing accepts New York licencing? When I try and see requirments I get to: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/dora/Nursing but I don't see anything about 2) How to apply for an endorsement in CO (specifically how to handle the finger printing portion). Regarding the finger printing can she have her printing done in NY and sent to CO for the background check? Currently she has filled out of the endorsement application on the CO.gov site but has not submitted because she needs finger printing done first. She has also submitted her verification information on https://www.nursys.com/ to I assume let CO know about her current status as an active licensed nurse? Also she is activley working in New York and has passed her NCLEX as well. P.S. I'm the boyfriend who is a software engineer and knows nothing about nursing and is learning the concepts as we speak so please be merciful haha.