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  1. Note: Read my previous topic for more details about what happened Long story short: I was terminated from my first nursing job at the end of my 12 weeks of orientation because I was not competent enough to work independently on the floor without help or guidance from my preceptor. My preceptors were unfriendly, unsupportive, and discouraging to me throughout orientation and my manager was only hearing about the mistakes I made or the concepts that I did not understand from the preceptors (some of the things the preceptors told my manager were also not true, but that's a different story...). I worked hard my final week of orientation. I tried to take all of the criticisms received from my preceptors and attempted to improve myself as much as I could to possibly avoid termination. It unfortunately was not enough and I ended up being let go. Now I am applying to more jobs again. I am ready to work hard and start fresh with a new job and a new environment, but I am a little concerned about what I want to say if I am asked about my most recent job. I was only there for 3 months. I was terminated from my job instead of resigning. I did not make it through my orientation phase. These are all red flags for employers. What should be my "reason for leaving" when asked in job applications? I am a bit nervous about how I am going to explain myself without badmouthing my old employer or sounding like I was fired because I was too hazardous.
  2. I am not sure yet. I’ve got four more straight days of work before they decide. I had an easier day yesterday night so I did fine. It’s the weekend so it’s usually less busy. Just a little worried about days 3-5. But if I do still end up not meeting expectations, I am going to ask about maybe transferring. I had sort of asked my manager before and she just suggested looking at the hospital job board or working at a nursing home......
  3. Looks like I can’t DM right now. Maybe cause my account is new give me ur fb or something haha
  4. Thank you everyone for your comments. For the moment I am going to put my all into improving. Im rewriting my report sheet and getting myself to work early every day this week to prepare. I’ll have updates...
  5. I work on an oncology med/surg floor as a new grad nurse. I have been wanting to be a bedside nurse and I love working with my patients. But I am apparently not flourishing enough to be ready to come off orientation. I have trouble with time management but have been working diligently on it and have been improving bit by bit every day. But some days it’s so hard to finish on time when I am still learning a lot of new things and can’t always retain it all at once. I am also still struggling with understanding computer stuff and following all of the rules there are in everything I do. I am also a bit anxious and according to the nurses I work with on the floor, it shows. I’ve cried already 3 times at work because of the way the nurses criticize me. They say they are trying to help but when they would talk to me, they would say things like, “you don’t know this yet?,” “you should know this by now.” And everything that they teach me, they make sure to tell my manager the things I didn’t know how to do and the mistakes I made (that I learned from and corrected). They would also keep telling me to stop being so anxious and crying all the time and it just made me feel even worse and I would not be able to focus on my work and would make more mistakes. My manager isn’t really nice when it comes to giving me feedback. She never had anything positive to say. It was always just about the preceptors complaining about me doing things wrong. She thinks I am genuinely failing at this job and told me that if I don’t improve enough in my last week of orientation, that my employment will be terminated. I’ve been on orientation for about 11 weeks and I feel like I should be flourishing more than this and honestly, I am not happy here. I feel like I should be learning much faster than this. I know I am really new and it’s going to take a long time to get good, but I am not getting good enough after 3 months and that worries me that I am not cut out for this I’m really really going to fight for my job but at the same time, is it worth all of this toxic behavior from my preceptors and manager? What do I do?!