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  1. I am not certain this is true for several reasons: 1) hospital admin would have been certain to notify employees of their “right” to opt out especially during contract negotiations. 2) is your Hospital a not for profit? Or university healthcare system? 3) are you sure by “opt out” they meant the union or merely opt out of payroll deduction. Thanks, I am definitely looking into this more.
  2. The Janus decision only affected public service NOT private. So unless your hospital is government affiliated you were not affected by the Janus decision, YET! However, I must say if the union is equally supportive of its nurses as it is it’s politics said union would not need to a law to force union membership. Unfortunately, in states like California this is not the case. Dues are spent on political figures and their campaigns rather than members, representatives, legal issues, or even data access of union updates to include recent contract negotiation results. If the union prioritizes members over politicians, JANUS in private sector wouldn’t have a major impact. As proof see IOPA UPS private union in a right to work state, with 100% cooperation!