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  1. JahC

    Safe Dose

    What I am putting is 1.5 tsp x 250mg/5ml x 5 ml/1 tsp x 5ml/ 375 mg. Someone else is telling me it’s 2.5 mg RSD: 1500 mg/day Order: 750 mg/day i am not getting that answer
  2. JahC

    Safe Dose

    Cefaclor 1.5 tsp (250mg/5ml) PO every 12 hours is prescribed a respiratory infection. Using the label, how many mls will the nurse give in a single dose? Recommended safe dose for Cefaclor for this patient is 250-500 mag orally every 8 hours. Is the dose safe to give? The label states 375mg/5ml
  3. JahC

    Drug Calculations

    Digoxin 0.2 tsp po bid. On hand a 75 mcg/ml. How many mls will you give? i am stuck on putting the problem together. What I have so far is 2.0 tsp/1 5ml/1 tsp how to I get from mcg to ml