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  1. Hello! I was hoping to ask you about CSN's RN program. How competitive is it to get in? If you don't mid sharing your stats. No issues if you don't want. My stats are. Overall.. 3.78 GPA. 3.6 Science GPA. CNA cert. AA degree. What are my chances?? Thanks so much!

  2. I can't do a thorough patient assessment?

    That’s your right, but as someone who’s trying to become confident in assessments she should do as thorough an assessment as possible on all of her patients so she knows when something is abnormal. If she never feels pedal pulses then she won’t be co...
  3. My Mommy Taught Me my ABGs Baby Onesie

    I think that would be a really cute gift! Also check out "iheartguts". They have really cute plushies with different organs and stuff, not sure if she specializes or not but maybe it'll give you some ideas. Also she would probably really love this A&...
  4. I can't do a thorough patient assessment?

    So if no one is using stethoscopes, they're not auscultating any sounds, are they charting that they did? Because on my floor you're supposed to listen to every patient. How would you know what resp issues they have if you're not listening? That soun...
  5. Over $300k in student loans - help.

    New grads in my area are covid swabbing people only (outside of a hospital) for $43/hr
  6. Las Vegas L&D Salary at different hospitals

    I have many coworkers who 'crack' $40 an hour. Just depends on what level you practice at and experience.
  7. CSN RN Program Curriculum

    Everyone says it is very hard to get in, but I got in my first try. This is because I had a lot of points. If you get your CNA or another cert and get work experience that increases your chances of getting in and helps you TREMDENDOUSLY through the p...
  8. Learn their normal vital signs. Study the medications if you want to feel prepared with what they'll be getting, which is usually antibiotics, steroids, zofran, fluids and pepcid on my floor at least. Any time you interact with a child on the floor a...
  9. Over $300k in student loans - help.

    Girl, you NEED Dave Ramsey. He will change your life, there is hope. as far as the 10 year working for a nonprofit and them forgiving your loan, thousands of people have applied for that and I believe it is like less than 10% are being excepted. It ...
  10. Las Vegas L&D Salary at different hospitals

    You can expect anything within the Valley Health System (Centennial Hills hospital, Summerlin, valley, etc) to pay around $34-$40/hr roughly. The pension is desirable at UMC, however the culture is not great from what I've heard. I'm not sure if it's...
  11. What are they teaching?

    I'm in an ADN program now, and have worked as a CNA for 4 years. Most programs (including mine) don't require CNA or prior medical experience, so students don't fully understand what a day in the life of a nurse looks like. My teachers don't fully di...
  12. Relocating from Michigan advice please!

    Hi there! I work at summerlin hospital and it’s in a very good area and very well kept. So I definitely suggest it. Dignity is definitely a good one as well. Do you plan on staying in psych? as for schools, bishop gorman high school has always been t...
  13. CSN RN Program Curriculum

    Hey there I’m currently in semester 3 of the program. 1st semester you have 1 clinical, 1 lab and 2 didactic classes so you’re on campus maybe 3 days a week. Clinical is usually in a nursing home. Clinical is 8 hours long. 2nd semester is very demand...
  14. Valley vs Sunrise

    $18/hr at Summerlin as a CNA vs $23/hr at Sunrise, so yeah that's much better for me at least. Can't speak for the charting system though.
  15. Valley vs Sunrise

    They’re both in a not so great area of town. Valley is really small, lots of homeless people and psych patients. Sunrise is huge and HCA so will Pay much better, I believe they’re union. Like the other poster said they get more traumas. If it was me ...