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  1. Hopesandsdreams

    Over $300k in student loans - help.

    Girl, you NEED Dave Ramsey. He will change your life, there is hope. as far as the 10 year working for a nonprofit and them forgiving your loan, thousands of people have applied for that and I believe it is like less than 10% are being excepted. It is literally a scam. Do not rely on that at all! $300,000 is a crazy amount of debt, however once you’re done with NP school you will have a really big shovel to dig your way out of the mess you made. As an NP you should be making around $100,000 a year. If you live frugally, you should be able to pay that off in about 4 years. This means not owning a brand new car, not going out with friends every weekend, not taking vacations that you can’t afford, not buying clothes or nice things, because you don’t have the money to do that. But once that weight is lifted off your shoulders and you’re debt free, it is an amazing feeling. It is so worth it and I know you can do it.
  2. Hopesandsdreams

    What are they teaching?

    I'm in an ADN program now, and have worked as a CNA for 4 years. Most programs (including mine) don't require CNA or prior medical experience, so students don't fully understand what a day in the life of a nurse looks like. My teachers don't fully dive into how stressful the job is, what a 12 hour shift looks like, how many patients you would have on what floors and how to manage your time. I agree, they are doing a disservice. However, the students need to take it upon themselves to look into the career before committing to it.
  3. Hopesandsdreams

    Relocating from Michigan advice please!

    Hi there! I work at summerlin hospital and it’s in a very good area and very well kept. So I definitely suggest it. Dignity is definitely a good one as well. Do you plan on staying in psych? as for schools, bishop gorman high school has always been talked of highly of, so I would assume that middle and elementary schools near there are also good. Summerlin is more expensive than other areas of town, but for good reason. in my opinion, the south side of town/Henderson is much busier than the north side but also offers more. pay anywhere will likely be higher than where you are now. However, a lot of hospitals are doing hiring freezes right now due to COVID. So it may be best if you wait, but if you can score a job you’re interested in then go for it. let me know if you have any more questions! Good luck!
  4. Hopesandsdreams

    Valley vs Sunrise

    They’re both in a not so great area of town. Valley is really small, lots of homeless people and psych patients. Sunrise is huge and HCA so will Pay much better, I believe they’re union. Like the other poster said they get more traumas. If it was me I would choose Sunrise.
  5. Just wondering if you or any one you know have practiced skills that aren't under your scope of practice under an RN because they know you're a nursing student and want to learn/practice? [obv not the right thing to do]
  6. Hopesandsdreams

    Best CVICU in las vegas?

    I work at summerlin (not in cvicu) but have noticed there's a great culture. I've met and talked with the CEO personally twice now and everyone I work with has been very welcoming and approachable. It's also in a great area of town. Only thing lacking is pay compared to HCA hospitals. Either way, it's all very competitive. Good luck!