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  1. Honest942

    First Job At The hosptial

    Hello I just started working at a hosptial recently as an aid to gain experience in the medical field . When I finished training I was told I will be working on a step down unit , but it ended badly I had a panic attack and had to go home early . What happened was there was supposed to be another aid but the aid never showed up so I had all the of patients (20) and I was very overwhelmed which caused me to have a panic attack . I spoke with my manager and I will be training on that unit . But I’m thinking about transferring. I feel so guilty for what happened I don’t feel comfortable working on that unit again . I’m considering transferring or putting in my two weeks.
  2. Any advice on taking the teas? I plan on applying for the summer term
  3. Hello is anyone applying to BSHP rn program for the spring 2020 semester or the fall 2020 semester ?

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