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  1. Hi All! Is it possible to apply to an ATB program (perhaps at Towson or Stevenson University), while currently enrolled in the CCBC ADN program? Or is that no longer an option, once you miss the deadline to apply to the ATB program prior to being accepted?
  2. nursetati

    Applying to CCBC LPN after RN

    Yes! I couldn't edit my original post. Thank you!
  3. nursetati

    Applying to CCBC LPN after RN

    Hi All! I was unfortunately just wait listed for CCBC Catonsville Fall '19 RN program. I wanted to be proactive and apply to CCBC Essex Fall '19 LPN program before the deadline for that program. I know it is not permitted to apply to multiple nursing programs at the same campus and start date, but has anyone ever had success with applying to both programs at different campuses? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello Everyone! I currently hold a B.S. in another discipline, however I plan to enter into the nursing field via the LPN path. After completing an LPN program, I plan to do a LPN-RN bridge program, then an RN-BSN bridge program, etc. My ultimate plan is to become a nurse practitioner or DNP. I have read various articles about how certain regionally accredited programs do not often accept credits from nationally accredited programs. However certain nationally accredited LPN programs like Eastwick College, seem like the most reasonable way to go for me. Does anyone know if I would be able to get my RN and then later my BSN at other institutions having completed a LPN and RN program at these schools? If so, what colleges and universities would accept credits from nationally accredited schools? I do not just want to cut myself short and not be able to further my education, due to accreditation rules. Thanks in advance : )