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  1. motherofcats

    Post-acute prior to acute care job??

    Thanks! I start orientation this week. Still applying to whatever I can
  2. motherofcats

    What Certificates To Get for New RN

    A lot of hospitals will pay for certifications if required for that specific position. Read the job descriptions, many say ACLS/PALS within 6 months of hire or something like that. I did get ACLS, but wouldnt spend money on other certifications right now.
  3. motherofcats


    Was I too hasty??? I just accepted a job at a LTC/Sub-acute rehab facility. I'm not long out of nursing school but need the cash and have been applying like crazy to the hospitals but nothing yet. I should feel excited I got a job. I feel kinda bad. Like I settled. Or like I'm setting myself up to lose my license in a dangerous place!? I hear ok things about this facility.. BUT I don't fully know what I'm walking in to. ADVICE PLEASE!
  4. motherofcats

    Post-acute prior to acute care job??

    Hi! I was hoping to get your thoughts and experiences on your first job out of nursing school. I passed NCLEX a couple weeks ago, and have been applying to major hospitals. I met a girl recently who said a particular post-acute facility where she worked wasn't bad. I looked them up, they called for an interview the next day. Long story short, does this hurt my chances of getting into acute care later? I REALLY REALLY intend to do hospital nursing, and don't want to waste time, but could use the job. thoughts and comments appreciated! thanks!