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  1. Hi. I am an RN working in New Jersey right now, but offered a job at NYP-Cornell. I have submitted a new license in NY 8 weeks ago and haven't received it yet. I have heard it's been taking quite long but don' t the the average time for everyone. Is ...
  2. Rutgers ABSN Summer 2020 / Fall 2020

    Oh great! Do you think the Newark campus is safe to study? I will be moving from a different state so I have no clue. I don't think public transportation (train or bus) would be safe around the area, so I might use a car. Am I too overly concerned?
  3. Rutgers ABSN Summer 2020 / Fall 2020

    Anybody applying for Summer 2020 program? I got into Spring 2020 for New Brunswick but I think I will drop due to location and apply again for Newark campus Summer 2020. They won't let me switch the location.
  4. Rutgers ABSN Spring 2020

    Wow you have two kids? We are on the same boat..! I am going to NB. What about you? I have just looked at the first semester course schedule one by one following the sample curriculum and Thursday the class is 8am -6:10pm and Monday is 3-9pm. There a...
  5. Rutgers ABSN Spring 2020

    Does anybody have a kid??? My biggest concern is balancing a family life (not that I expect lots of free time) and the program. My husband is a super busy lawyer working 12 hrs a day, so I'll be an almost-single-mom. Dropping a kid off to school and ...
  6. Rutgers ABSN Spring 2020

    Did anybody delay the admission to the next term? I am a New brunswick admitted student but I really want to move the campus to Newark because NB takes 1 hour from my house. I asked the admission to move my location but they won't let me. So I am thi...
  7. Rutgers ABSN Spring 2020

    I received an admission letter this morning. My first reaction was "Son of a B*****!!! I have sent the application on the first week of window and they sent email just today. Anyways, when does the school starts in New brunswick? I got waitlisted on ...
  8. 12hr Day vs Night?? (with kid)

    I am a PCA and was recently offered to choose between 12 hr day and night shifts. Here are a few facts - I am a morning person. Absolutely. - i have a 4yr old kid who goes to preschool all day(yay I can sleep at home) - My husband is extremely busy t...