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  1. Hello, I saw that you were put on the alternate list. I was too. I emailed Karen allard and she said that since it’s not guaranteed, it’s best to commit to another school if you can.

    1. cew530


      Hi! You’re the only other person that I’ve read/heard is on the alternate list.  I also emailed Karen the day we got the email asking if she could tell me how many people were waitlisted, and if possible, what rank, but she said she couldn’t.  She also told me that I should accept any offers that come my way, but also that many people get accepted off the alternate list.  Stony is the only program I applied to (knowingly: it’s one of the few programs I can afford and I wanted it for the “prestige”).  Fingers crossed that we hear back, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t until a few weeks before the program starts!

    2. TFREA


      Honestly I’m here praying for both of us

    3. cew530


      This wait is going to kill me, I’m already driving myself crazy!