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  1. Memorial Health Care Nurse Residency 2020

    Hi everyone! I also applied to the residency ? I was wondering if anyone has any insight into how current or past resident nurses at Memorial like or dislike the program? It's hard to find any info on the forums and I'm just trying to get a better fe...
  2. Barry University Miami, FL BSN & ABSN

    Congratulations! I'm actually starting at FIU next week. It was a more cost-effective option for me. I wish you both all the best at Barry!
  3. AOBSN FIU 2020

    yes, great idea!
  4. AOBSN FIU 2020

    Thank you so much everybody! I'm sure decisions will keep rolling out! @Char_AOBSN can't wait to meet you at orientation! and @br3338 too! Bracing for this dang hurricane here in Miami, happy to have some exciting news today. Stay safe, everyone! @...
  5. AOBSN FIU 2020

    Congratulations, @br3338! Yes! I'm in as well!
  6. AOBSN FIU 2020

    About two weeks ago, the advisor I was emailing with said, "Applications are still being reviewed. You should be receiving communication from our Admissions Coordinator by mid September." I'm anxious about how long it will take to complete all of the...
  7. Barry University Miami, FL BSN & ABSN

    Congratulations! I was accepted to the same program and start date. Are you planning on attending, or are you deciding between some options?
  8. AOBSN FIU 2020

    @cafecito @chillian Yay, same! At least it’s something!
  9. AOBSN FIU 2020

    Hi! Does anyone have any exciting updates? LOL. I finished my last prereqs on August 3rd and had my final transcript sent in, but I haven't heard anything or gotten any notifications from FIU or NursingCAS. ?
  10. AOBSN FIU 2020

    Eek! The application closes today! Good luck to all of us ?
  11. University of Miami 2020

    @jkeenan Congrats! What's the other school?
  12. AOBSN FIU 2020

    My last prerequisite (Statistics) wraps up in a couple of weeks! Application is in and there's nothing else to be done... Now, how do I stop myself from thinking about this every moment from now until September? ?? Totally, agree @br3338, the more in...
  13. University of Miami 2020

    @Mr.lucky1 I decided to give up my spot at UM. Not an easy decision! All the best to everyone on this thread! Maybe our paths will cross at clinical sites ?
  14. AOBSN FIU 2020

    Oh, weird. Well, she is really nice if you want to shoot her an email!
  15. AOBSN FIU 2020

    @chillian https://cnhs.fiu.edu/academics/nursing/undergrad-nursing/programs/advising/index.html Michelle. Why? Did Christian tell you something different?

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