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  1. dana16

    Labor and Delivery nurses-question from student

    Networking is huge for any job. If you can find a CNA job or something on L&D while you’re in school that would give you an advantage over others because they actually know you. Getting your senior preceptorship there could help as well. As far as other ways to stand out when you’re getting closer to applying, you can join AWHONN, take AWHONN’s intro to monitoring, doula certify or take a doula workshop, etc. Good luck!
  2. dana16

    C-EFM with no L&D experience

    I agree with the other posters that Intro to Fetal Monitoring by AWHONN is a better option for you right now! It’s better to take a certification exam when you use and apply it every day, plus it’s expensive so your med surg floor may not reimburse you for it since it’s not related to their floor. Things I did to stand out for my L&D interview were the AWHONN intro to fetal monitoring, NRP certify, and attend a doula workshop. Those things seemed to help me a lot! As far as studying for the C-EFM I mainly used the AWHONN fetal monitoring book but also the mosbys pocket guide. Good luck!
  3. dana16

    RN vs NP Quality of Life

    I'm wondering how NP's feel about their overall quality of life compared to when they were RN's? Stress level, liability, pay, work/life balance, job satisfaction, schedule (is it hard to go from three 12 hour days to 5 days if you work in a clinic setting with that schedule?), etc. Thanks!
  4. Can AGNP's work in women's health settings?
  5. dana16

    Surgical NP's

    Long story short, I'm pretty interested in becoming an NP in some sort of surgical setting, but I'm not sure what route can best get me there. What is the best NP specialty to go for to someday end up in a surgical setting? Any surgical NP's have any insight as to the job itself as well? (what your role is like, schedule, etc). Is it possible for a FNP to work in a surgical setting? Thanks!