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  1. Hi! I am a nursing student and we just started an OB clinical rotation. I have a perfectly healthy newborn that I am doing a database on, and I am searching high and low for at least one nursing dx that I can use regarding this infant. So far, the only thing I can come up with is that he spits up frequently - more than the other babies, and the nurse has put in his chart that he is "Very spitty". Could I have do something regarding that, like "risk for aspiration" or something? Any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. jsta_grl83

    What are you doing this summer?

    I am taking advanced A&P + Developmental psychology, and trying to come up with enough money for all 3 of my kids to go to summer day camp. Last time I checked it was $150/wk each...owch.
  3. jsta_grl83

    Monday thru Friday Jobs

    Hi, I am a nursing student and I have been looking into nursing jobs. Recently I noticed a lot of home health and operating room jobs that were M-F. Is this common? Don't people need home nurses and operations on the weekends? The other thing I was wondering is if its difficult to get a M-F job. When there is an opening say, at a clinic, is there fierce competition? Thanks for any information!
  4. Easiest : Fundamentals Hardest: Pharmacology
  5. jsta_grl83

    people taking advantage

    I would just stop answering the phone and explain that you have been super busy lately, and not home very much. Pretty soon they will stop calling. And try to slowly distance yourself from them at school, without being too obvious. I'm sure there are some honest people there that would be better study buddies.
  6. jsta_grl83

    NCLEX pass rates?

    I have searched and searched, but I cannot find any information on NCLEX pass rates for programs in Wisconsin. I went to the Board of Nursing site and my school site and neither has pass rates for my school. Can someone advise me where to obtain this information? Thanks!
  7. jsta_grl83

    General survey/presence

    Our database has a part called "General Survey". It has physical/pschological presence. I am not sure what physical presence means. And "physchological presence"- is that like, oriented X3?
  8. I am so frustrated. We have five tests and a final worth 100 pts each. I got a 74 on the first test and a 68 on the second test, both grades are failing since u must have an 80 to pass tests and 80 average to pass the class. I feel like I still have a chance, but we have our 3rd test tomorrow and I am still struggling with remembering the information. I made up med cards for each med, it just seems like too much info to remember. I am getting A's in all of my other classes. If I get less then an 80 tomorrow it will be impossible to pass the class. Any tips? Tomorrow's test is on cardiovascular and GI drugs.
  9. jsta_grl83

    Nurisng DX Noncompliance

    Hi, I have to write some nursing dx for a patient that I interviewed at her home. At one point she stated that she sometimes throws the pills her daughter gives her down the garbage disposal because she doesnt want to take them. She takes a dieurtic that she said makes her pee too much and another pill that she doesnt like. I was wondering if Noncompliance is an appropriate diagnosis, and if so what would it be r/t?? I have my nursing handbook here but I can't seem to find an appropriate r/t. Thanks!
  10. jsta_grl83

    Medication Administration 3 checks

    Well we were just doing this is Skills class and our teacher told us you do the first check as you take the meds out, the second check as you pour/measure out the meds, and the third check as you are putting them away.
  11. When I finish my RN I am planning on doing RN to BSN through an online university program. (A real school, not something like Kaplan). Anyway, I was wondering if the program is 100% online, when they issue you the degree, does it say "internet" or "online" on the degree? If so doesn't that lessen the value to most employers? Thanks!
  12. jsta_grl83

    A&P I Summer 2007

    Yeah I finally finished too. I got a B also. Yay! Glad thats over.
  13. jsta_grl83

    LPN to RN bridge programs?

    Hi, I am considering a move to Las Vegas after I get my LPN and am wondering if there are any LPN to ADN bridge programs at any of the community colleges there. Thanks!
  14. jsta_grl83

    cvtc students

    I've done all my generals and start core classes next semester. How are the teachers? I've gotten a little scared since I read another post by some Wisconsin students saying that the teachers scream at them and fail people over stupid things. Hoping its not like that here.
  15. jsta_grl83

    Nursing shortage by state?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find a list of states ranked by nursing shortages? I tried googling but I couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  16. Hi, I see a lot of info about LPN to BSN online programs, but I was wondering if there were any LPN TO ADN online programs that are approved by the Wisconsin Board of Nursing. If so, could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!