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  1. I am interested in becoming a traveling nurse when I get done with school (Rn/BSN). I have almost 8 years experience in LTC (only); I also have experience as a QA nurse (in ltc). I have noticed the general consensus seems to be to have experience in med-surg/er/icu. I am willing to gain this experience but I don’t know how long my body can take it. I am almost 42. I was QA nurse for 8 months and now I’m back to being a floor nurse. I am struggling with the day-to-day direct patient care. Everyday my back hurts, knees and hip occasionally ache, and of course always tired. (I have fairly new shoes and wear compression hose every shift.). I’m worried that my body won’t be able to tolerate continued floor work. I said all that to ask...are there positions available as a traveling nurse that is not floor work?
  2. I think it’s back to the drawing board r/t looking for a new job. I am so frustrated and sick of working with incompetent nurses... I’ve been a nurse for almost 8 years and have always worked in long-term Care. I transferred to a different facility but within the same company about a month ago... In my first nursing job, I worked my way up from floor nurse to QA nurse. I loved the job and what I learned but hated the hours; it was also disappointing to learn who I thought was trustworthy was totally not. So I transferred... And unfortunately this last month has been a major disappointment. It is disheartening to learn what kind of nurses you work with—nurses that make up VS, don’t chart, don’t follow-up on something I’ve asked them to (twice), sleep on the job, give 6 am meds with HS meds so they don’t have to do a 6am medpass. I am in no way perfect, but I strive to learn and do my best everyday. I pride myself in my assessment skills and attention to detail. And because of that, I have found numerous errors. I have brought them to the attention of my charge nurse; but I feel like a tattletale and feel like she’s getting annoyed with me and my findings. my husband says I should just do my job and quit taking things so personal; just worry about my job/shift and let management take the heat, because I’m not in management anymore. it is frustrating me so much, I am beginning to hate being a nurse.
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    Traveling nurse

    I have been an LPN for 7 1/2 years; currently in school to get my RN/BSN. The only place I’ve worked is long-term care. When I get done with school, I want to become a traveling nurse. I know a little bit about it but there are so many companies nowadays, it’s hard to know how to filter through them. And I gather that my options would be better if I had experience in other areas of nursing. (I had other options when I changed jobs a few weeks ago, but my husband didn’t want me driving farther than the 30 minutes I’m driving now.) Asking for advice/input from traveling nurses.