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Dani_Sanchez777 has 6 years experience and specializes in Urgent Care.

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  1. Dani_Sanchez777

    Littman or MDF Stethoscope

    Ahh okay. I have a Littmann Classic III it’s pretty much brand new. I am not a neck wearing type of gal. It honestly bugs me having things around my neck, lol. I had heard the MDF scope is heavier and doesn’t have as clear of acoustics as the Littmann. Is that true regarding the acoustics??
  2. Dani_Sanchez777

    Littman or MDF Stethoscope

    Hi all! I need to purchase a stethoscope for nursing school that will go into my career with me. I’ve always used a Littmann as an MA, but I would love some opinions on which one is a better option? There are so many pros and cons to both. Help!!
  3. Dani_Sanchez777

    Should I become a CNA OR MA?

    Hi there! I've been an MA for almost 7 years. My program was 1 year and I know a lot of MA's I work with went to shorter programs. I personally loved being an MA. I worked in almost every single specialty in both front and back offices because my first job was in the float pool at a very well known organization. I spent my last 5 years in Urgent Care and my main duties included vitalizing, rooming, charting allergies, meds, chief complaints and med history. We set up sterile trays, cleaned wounds and did dressing changes, assisted with procedures such as sutures, temp. splinting using devices, administering meds via injection and oral meds, generating referrals, prior auths, and so much more. We did almost everything our nurses did except caths and IV's. My sister in law was a CNA at another well known hospital and the only thing she liked about her job is the need for CNA's was so high that she was approved of a ton of OT which allows for a bigger pay check. My hourly wages were above $25 p/hr plus a per diem differential and night shift differential so I made pretty good money. I also worked in the bay area in CA so our wages were much higher than other areas due to our cost of living being absolutely ridiculous. If you're looking to get some experience on the floor, either professions I'm sure would be fine. I have heard CNA jobs can be a little 'dirty', but you get to experience hands on pt care in a hospital setting and you get to meet and develop relationships with a lot of people on the floor. MA's are usually in an outpatient setting. CNA's also have shorter schooling from my understanding. All in all, I don't think you can go wrong either way. Go with whatever is best for you! Hope this helps some!
  4. Dani_Sanchez777

    Working while in Nursing school?? Opinions please!!

    @caliotter3 Thank you for the response! I am feeling very similarly to what you're saying. @myoglobin Thank you for your response! I really appreciate your inside from a husbands perspective.
  5. Hi Nurses! I am starting my nursing program Sept 3rd. It is a full time, BSN program at a private university. I have been a medical assistant with an incredible and reputable company that I love so much for the past 6 years and now I'm in a per-diem position with a requirement to work only 6 days a month (I work in Urgent Care so our clinic is open 7 days a week). The curve ball I'm struggling with is that we are moving 2 hours away from my job so that I can attend my school. My husband prefers that I quit so that I can focus 100% on my studies and not worry about commuting 2 hours away twice a month (which I totally understand) -- I would be staying with a close friend by my job Fri-Sun twice a month to fulfill my requirements if I chose to keep my job. I love my team, I love my company, I love the position I am in; I'm not emotionally ready to break ties with my job. I'd love some thoughts and opinions on this situation from anyone that may have had the same obstacle when it came time to go into their program. Does having a job through nursing school help you when it comes to getting jobs after graduating? Does it look good when a student has a job vs being unemployed during a program when it comes to job seeking? Thank you all!!!! I look forward to the thoughts! Danielle
  6. Dani_Sanchez777

    Starting BSN program in Sept!

    Hi there @vangoghfan77! I've found a lot of hope and comfort on youtube in recent months . I really need to find a more effective way to take notes. In community college part of my accommodations were having access to all of the teachers lectures / notes since I can't take notes and listen very well at the same time. It's usually one or the other. I'm hoping with the help of the tutors I will be able to get in my own groove once I start the program since it won't be like what I've been used to. Thank you for the response and advice! I really appreciate it!
  7. Dani_Sanchez777

    How do you handle female patients your age or younger?

    If you are a male provider/nurse, ALWAYS have a female chaperon every single time with female patients. Even if the patient has a female family member present in the room; have female nurse/CNA/MA/PA/NP present.
  8. Dani_Sanchez777

    Starting BSN program in Sept!

    Hi all! I am starting my BSN program this fall at Chamberlain University of Sacramento and I would LOVE some words of advice from other nursing students (Or nurses) on how I can prepare myself to be successful as I enter my program. *Side note, I am a student with inattentive ADD. I am also a highly dominant tactile learner. Any valuable tips, tricks, things you wish you knew before you started, etc. -- it's all wanted and appreciated here! Dani
  9. Dani_Sanchez777

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Sacramento fall 2019

    @EWKstudent_nurse awe bummer! I was going to say which one was you! Haha!
  10. Dani_Sanchez777

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Sacramento fall 2019

    @EWKstudent_nurse Hi! Were you at the pizza gathering yesterday!?
  11. Dani_Sanchez777

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Sacramento fall 2019

    I know there was probably around 30ish just in my session. And if they were holding them every single week I was assuming hundreds as well. Wow. Definitely a blessing to have gotten in. That definitely puts things in perspective.
  12. Dani_Sanchez777

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Sacramento fall 2019

    Oh nice! I wanted to know how many people applied but they couldn’t say. Lol.
  13. Dani_Sanchez777

    Real Talk- "Ideal" Nurse Personality?

    First off, there’s nothing wrong with being detail oriented, quick, and picky. Just like there’s nothing wrong with being slower paced and rather flexible and lax. I see a lot of similarities in myself that you mentioned above and I believe those are incredible qualities! Working in healthcare with nurses and doctors, it is inevitable that you will end up working along side of or underneath a provider or higher-up that comes down hard on you, says something to you insensitively, or criticizes how you’re doing something. I think a part of growing and maturing is being self aware and secure in who you are. Just because somebody says something to you about what you’re doing, or even about something you’ve done, doesn’t mean you need to receive it and own it as the truth. It’s okay to say ‘thank you for sharing that with me’ and moving right along if someone says something to you that you don’t like or agree with. If someone is disrespectful, it’s okay to ask them to please not address you that way.. my suggestion though would be if you say something or address someone, that there’s a follow up solution that you can offer them to make the situation productive. (such as, when you address me this way, it makes me feel ___. I really want to understand what your needs are while also feeling respected. Let’s talk about this.) or something like that. I thought I had thick skin until I got into the hospital and boy I was NOT prepared for the type of situations I was faced with. My patience was thin as paper. When I was in my early twenties, I was so focused on making sure ‘nobody disrespected me’ and ‘standing my ground’. But over time I realized it’s not about me.. it’s about what’s best for the patient. It’s not about being right, it’s about doing right and being safe. I don’t need everyone on my team to be my best friend, but we do all need to work as a team to deliver the highest and safest quality of care to the patients and the biggest part of that is communication. And if something is being done in a way that doesn’t encourage a safe environment where everyone is free to express themselves and address things, then follow protocol and take more serious action. Speak to the necessary people and do things the right way. Although I’m like speedy Gonzales myself and I too get frustrated at slower paced situations because my brain is always 10 steps ahead of me, I find it so much easier to go about my day when I refocus on what is actually important and accepting that not everyone else is like me and that’s okay! That doesn’t make me right and them wrong or vice versa.. we are all unique and bring something special to the table as individuals! Enjoy the ride... be you... be amazing just as you are and you’ll do great.
  14. Dani_Sanchez777

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Sacramento fall 2019

    @VANurseCA Yes! I literally have no clue how I even found this website. I think I was anxiously googling one night when I couldn't sleep... probably because I was freaking out over not getting accepted lol.. and bam, here we are lol. @EWKstudent_nurse I believe I will start with some nursing classes as well as I only have the A&P courses, Micro and Stats to complete (which I noticed isn't right away on the example schedule) and then all of my other pre-reqs are done. Do any of you know how quickly clinical's start? I know in some schools it doesn't happen until year 2, other's (my sister in law went to Sierra) started almost right away and continued the whole two years. I too am antsy. I've waited 29 years for this !
  15. Dani_Sanchez777

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Sacramento fall 2019

    @VANurseCA Yay!! Congrats!
  16. Dani_Sanchez777

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Sacramento fall 2019

    @Lady2020 Hi there! Yes, there is a deadline to applying. From my understanding, (from what I heard in the info session), was that they continue to accept students (depending on test scores, GPA, academic history, and letter all the way until that point. I would call the school or the main number you can find on the website and see if 'applying' means just the literal application OR if it means having all the required things (HESI, transcripts, etc) completed and sent in. Either way, I know they don't accept everybody and the earlier that you apply, most likely the better.