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  1. KMGS17

    GN on a Surgical Oncology Unit

    Thank you for the response! I did reach out to the manager. The awareness of the associated risk could be present but are just as present on any other med surg floor. If chemo is needed, chemo nurses are called, unless it is a PO med. Then PPE is used. She did mention there would be additional training during orientation.
  2. I have been offered a position on a surgical oncology unit. From what I have been told this will be a mixture of oncology patients and med surg patients. I am a GN and I think the idea of being offered a job was thrilling. A family friend who is a retired CRNA said I shouldn't accept the position because of medications that oncology patients receive. The exposure wouldn't be worth the job. I never even thought about this because I think the glitter of being offered a job was exciting. I am sure there is some type of risk. Should I ask the unit manager about this? Does anyone have experience with this? Any thoughts and/or advice is appreciated. Additionally, the unit seems to have good teamwork and organization which is important to me as a new grad (or really at anytime). I have found this out from a nurse who previously worked on this floor but followed a different dream. Thank you in advance!
  3. Background: Graduating from an accredited program with a BSN in April 2020. I was hoping someone could help me with some answers in reference to the Navy Nurse Corps. Joining the nurse corps after graduation has been recommended to me by many different people. I have done some research and I like the idea of it. After researching, I am looking for some real RN's that are or have been apart of the Navy side of nursing. Is this a good option even though I will be inexperienced? I tried to talk to a recruiter but he admitted he did not have any answers regarding nursing, he primarily does general recruiting. Does anyone know how to find a more specialized recruiter? If you have any other information you would like to share, I would appreciate it.
  4. KMGS17

    Commuting to clinicals from 1 hr away??

    I just finished my junior year and I live about a hour from our clinical location. It is doable. Be thankful your clinicals start at 0700, ours start at 0600. I would be up at 0400 twice a week. You can do it. It is only temporary and worth the sacrifice. Keep sight of the end goal.
  5. Before I started nursing school I made acquaintance of a fellow student who was also looking to apply to the program at the same time. We quickly bonded over that and some other things in life. We applied for nursing school and we started our nursing journey in Fall 2017. Nursing school is rough and to have a friend to study with, grieve, and celebrate seemed like a God send. It was great until Fall of 2018. Our friendship became rough because of some differences. Well that is normal any in relationship. We faced and handled it like adults. This spring semester absolutely tore us apart. We were so close and now its done. We barely speak to each other. It is now finals week and I feel alone in my nursing program. I use to always have a study partner & friend, but now I no longer do. Has anyone else gone through this?

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