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  1. RN162009

    Hair dye

    Can we dye our Hair?
  2. RN162009


    I drink many herbal teas, are these ok? I was surprised to find out that Motrin, typical and benadryl need to be oked.
  3. RN162009

    I need some help

    I am meeting with an attorney on Tuesday. My evaluator diagnosed me with substance abuse:mild and social anxiety... I would like a second opinion but worry it will be even worse. I spoke with a different lawyer on the phone who said often causing a stir by demanding a 2nd opinion will give me worse terms in the contract.
  4. RN162009

    I need some help

    I am being offered a monitoring agreement right now. I'm completely devastated. I do not agree but I'm quickly realizing I have no choice. Does anyone know what really happens to your licence if you refuse? Who would hire me in Michigan if I come along with HPRP? Should I just work non medical for 2 years?