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    Nurses with Narcolepsy

    Does narcolepsy have to be reported to the BON? Im about to graduate and worry it will affect my job opportunities. I don’t plan on disclosing with my employer but I recently decided I wanted to come out about my narcolepsy. Majority of my friends and family don’t know. I let it majorly affect my self esteem and I’m now proud to be at this point in my career despite my obstacles. Ive worked in another field of medicine for many years and I quickly made it to the top at my hospital. The doctors assured me it didn’t hold me back and in fact, I was one of the best, something I never believed. There were several very rare days I didn’t go into work bc I didn’t feel safe putting a life in my hands. I would never allow that to happen. I worked very well in emergent situations and serious cases but worry as a nurse this would be looked down upon. Let’s be real, most do not understand narcolepsy and would t want one as their nurse