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  1. SmallTownNurseSWL

    Elevated BP

    What would you say was a safe range for the diastolic to watch and recheck or send on out?
  2. SmallTownNurseSWL

    End of Year Prep

    Does anyone have a list of supplies they make sure to keep stocked they’d like to share ?? lol. And/or a good checklist for school nurses for end of year? Also, do y’all keep huge filing cabinets of individual students records? Or keep them on a year by year basis? When I got here the back of my office is full of filing cabinets of all students individual folders with stuff in it, I’ve heard others say they don’t do that but keep the year paperwork together for so many years.
  3. SmallTownNurseSWL

    Field Trips

    How do you all handle sending medications during Field Trips?
  4. SmallTownNurseSWL

    Swollen fingers

    I’ve had a TON recently... some happening at home over the weekend and then coming in first thing Monday, others while they are here. I’ve only had one this year that I was pretty sure was broken, but honestly jammed, dislocated, sprained- they can all look the same!! How do y’all know when to ice and watch or send on? I feel like they all want a big production
  5. SmallTownNurseSWL

    Where is your office located within the school?

    My office is right behind the main office. Right by the 2 counselors and social worker. Centered between the Elementary on one side and the Middle/High off the other.
  6. SmallTownNurseSWL

    student extracurricular activities

    Wait... you guys get contracts?? Only "certified" staff get contracts here...