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  1. Struggling! LPN School

    Wow thank you so much!! I really had a big eye opener with everything you just mentioned ! It really put things into a better perspective for me. Yes will definitely study more often . It’s just hard being a single mom with no help and my little one ...
  2. Struggling! LPN School

    @Phoenix94 Thank you so much.. this is definitely helpful... sometimes I still feel like crying haha! But I know it’ll get easier I’m just so afraid that my lack of experience will cause me to fall behind. I appreciate you so much and I’m rooting for...
  3. Struggling! LPN School

    Hello all, I am currently in the LPN program and I’m only on the 3rd day but I am freaking out !! I have ZERO health care background or history not to mention I have no medical terminology knowledge or medical work background either. I feel like...
  4. Starting LPN SCHOOL! Terrified

    Hello all! I am starting the LPN program at my college in January 2021 ! I’m so happy that I got in but now all my fears are settling in. I’m so nervous because I’m not sure what to expect. I don’t have much medical background and I feel like this wi...
  5. Olympic college

    Omg nooooo!!!!!!! That’s terrible ! So it was really competitive this year ! I got my letter telling me I’m in the pool with all the others ! I’m sorry :( hopefully you are one of the people they call right before the program starts ! Good luck
  6. Olympic college

    Hello, anyone currently in the nursing program at Olympic college in Bremerton WA? I’m getting ready to apply I have an awesome overall GPA. I also have all my factor points except for one on the accuplacer. Currently I only have 13/14 and I want to ...