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  1. Lux Mee

    Nursing intervention

    I am very sorry. I didnot expect this type of reply from you guys. I am sorry if i had done any wrong . I am very new on this page. I don't know what i need to do to get help. Do i have to do anything..??? I had seen one of the student get help from this page so i expected same help from you guys. I am sorry again. if you guys don't want to help me thats fine. No worries. Cheers
  2. Lux Mee

    Nursing intervention

    My assignment due date is so near.
  3. Lux Mee

    Nursing intervention

    Hello guys, I need to your help to complete my assignment. I have uploaded a case study of my chosen patient. In order of priority, develop a nursing care plan for patient who has just arrived on the ward from ED. Nursing care plan goals, interventions and rationales must relate to the first 8 hours post ward admission. (At least 6- 8 intervention ). Please help me Mr Nathan James .docx
  4. I have uploaded one case study file and  i need help from you guys for my assignment. I need some nursing intervention for my chosen patient. Please have a look on file and give me some specific intervention. I will really appreciate to you guys. 

    Mr Nathan James .docx