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    ED case-manager as NP? Advice?

    Does anyone have experience in Emergency Department setting with more of a non-clinical role? I am applying for a position in an ED where I would not be seeing patients. The role is being developed by the hospital, so it's not entirely formed. It seems to be a type of case management for patients who are being admitted. Instead of a bedside ED RN taking the admission orders from the admitting provider, I would be accepting and entering into the computer. I would be responsible for medication reconciliation. They are using an NP instead of an RN due to the medical decision making prompts designed by their computer system. Instead of the RN to need to call back the admitting provider for every drug interaction. Just trying to get an idea from anyone that has experience with this type of position? What type of questions would I want to clarify in the interviewing process? What type of ideas to improve this type of position? Any advice would be helpful at this stage?