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  1. Nightingale January 2022

    Congrats!! I'm next!! =)
  2. Nightingale or move out of state? So torn!

    There’s a lot of students going to Nightingale from California. A lot of students have graduated from Nightingale and are licensed from California. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Stop questioning. If you don’t want to go to Nightingale, then don’t...
  3. Nightingale or move out of state? So torn!

    This is false. The board of registered nursing is accepting Nightingale as a school as long as the examinee has Microbiology & speech classes on their transcript. Get your facts together!
  4. Nightingale College 2021

    It’s only for the entrance exam and for the two HESI exams that you can test out of if you are an LVN. In class exams are proctored through honorlock. You are recorded and are on camera while taking the exams.
  5. Nightingale College 2021

    They go through choiceone bank, meritize, college Ave, mountain America credit union and Sallie Mae.
  6. Nightingale College 2021

    I believe that they accept other private loans. It’s not just Sallie Mae.
  7. Nightingale January 2022

    I’ve started the classes already. Just prerequisites and it’s doable. For the clinicals, they will give 6 weeks notice so we can plan our travel and hotel stays.
  8. Nightingale January 2022

    She applied to Nightingale. Right! We would’ve all been done already.. LOL.
  9. Nightingale January 2022

    When Unitek told me that the BSN classes is still 100,000 with most prerequisites done, I was like it’s OK.. I’ll stick with Nightingale. LOL.
  10. Nightingale January 2022

    No UNITEK quoted me 100,000 even with prerequisites done. I only needed one more. Nightingale is definitely cheaper with prerequisites done. I was quoted 51,000 but I still have to test out of classes. The cost is 78,000- 79,000 without prerequisites...
  11. Nightingale January 2022

    You can ask them which loan service they will use. I went through Sallie Mae.
  12. Nightingale College 2021

    There’s 3 facebook groups you can join. There’s tons of students on those pages. They are all very helpful. There’s we love nightingale. Nightingale c/o 2024 and nightingale college California students.
  13. Nightingale College 2021

    Just an FYI. It’s a teach yourself kind of course. Make sure you can do that. Watch simple nursing and registerednursern etc in order to learn concepts.
  14. Nightingale College 2021

    No on straighterline classes. The last I talked to them back in November, they accept portage classes. You can even Clep out of algebra if you wanted to through college board. Talk to admissions about the deadline though. If you are an LVN you c...
  15. Nightingale January 2022

    Hi! You can talk to financial aide. You can use FAFSA- the federal aide first and apply for Sallie Mae to cover the rest of the costs. The entrance exam is easy. Way easier than the TEAS. Good luck! We have to pay for travel costs at the end of ...

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