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  1. Hi, so I have a BBA in Business and I am done with every pre-requisite for almost every aBSN or 2-year RN program in Denver (except for some of the religious/Sociology/Philosophy classes at Regis U and CCU). Does anyone know which program isn't 8 hours/day, 5 days a week in a classroom AND at clinicals? I intentionally ensured that I completed as many prerequisite courses so my course load is lighter. However, it will be very hard for my wife (she's an RN) to have adequate care for our 2 disabled daughters if I am in a classroom 40+ hours a week. Who has LESSER demands for classroom time in Denver? I've heard DCoN is a big time commitment (in fact their advisor let me know of that in an email). Thank you!
  2. Tyler118632

    Regis University ABSN Spring 2020

    DId anybody use StraighterLine for any of their prerequisite classes for the aBSN program? I have all of my science classes completed but I need to finish Sociology and Philosophy ASAP. Also, I emailed Regis University weeks ago and I haven't received a reply. Thank you.
  3. I know it's as easy as looking on their website. However, I swear I've seen conflicting information regarding my question. Initially, I thought the pre-requisites counted as 1 of the 5 six month terms. Please help me figure this out.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I have a question for you, Science,dude1, why are you choosing UTA over WGU’s Program? I keep flip-flopping between which one I would rather be in. The only differences I have noticed are WGU seems easier to get into (I mean they take StraighterLine’s easy pre-req courses) and WGU is 2 years instead of 15 months. What is the benefit of going to UTA? I can’t answer that question for myself. Thank you!
  5. Hi Everyone, I am very, very interested in UTA's AO BSN (pre-licensure) program. However, I have a few concerns. Here is my background for referecnce: 33 year old male (I live in NW Houston) I have a BBA in Business Administration (overall 3.31 gpa) from Sam Houston State University I've been a CNA for about 1 year (I changed careers in 2017), and I believe my hospital is a partner for the program. I am almost done with my pre-requisites (I have A's in Political Science, History, English, Psychology, Sociology (all of those general ed classes), A&P I and II, Microbiology, Nutrition) I still have a few more pre-requisites to take (Technical Communications, Math, Statistics, Chemistry) and this is the only Nursing program those classes are required for because my backup BSN programs don't require those classes. I just want to know before I spend thousands of dollars on those classes that I at least have a fighting chance at getting admitted to UTA's AO BSN program. I would hate to plunk down $5,000 and not get accepted. Please let me know what I can do to strengthen my application. Am i remotely competitive? I am stressed out trying to decide what to do. Thanks!
  6. Tyler118632

    Online Prerequisite Suggestions?

    Definitely do Portage Learning. You can find all the answers to exams and labs on Course Hero
  7. Tyler118632

    Portage Chemistry 121

    I took Essentials of Nutrition from Portage Learning and received an A(I finished the class in exactly 7 days). I also took A&P I. Every university I’ve contacted accepts the credits because Geneva College is regionally accredited. YMMV.
  8. Hi, Besides Portage Learning, I am looking for an online, regionally accredited college/university that has continuous enrollment (so I can start the class ASAP instead of waiting for Spring semester to start). I need to take a pharmacology class and a intro or general chemistry class.
  9. Thank you for all the replies and advice. Much appreciated.
  10. Tyler118632

    Regis University ABSN Spring 2020

    Does Regis University give any preferential treatment to Colorado residents?
  11. Tyler118632

    Portage Learning course transferability

    Denver College of Nursing does take transfer credits from Portage Learning. I just found out this morning from an Admissions person. Thank you for your help, AllNurses! I appreciate all of the replies/comments!
  12. Tyler118632

    Portage Learning course transferability

    Hi, everyone, Tbis question is specific to colleges/universities (with nursing programs) in Colorado. Does anyone know if the A&P classes at Portage Learning transfer? They have an online/simulation lab component. I’ve researched academic transfer policies and can’t find anything about the labs having to be “hands-on.” Thank you
  13. Hi everyone, I'd like to give you all a background of myself - 32 year old male with a BBA in Business Administration (3.31 Overall GPA) - Currently working as a CNA (I also have QMAP certification) at a hospital in Denver - My wife is a BSN RN hospice nurse and we have a severely disabled toddler, both of which inspired me to become a nurse - My ultimate goal is to be an ER nurse, work with people who have addictions, or become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner When I first started college about 12 years ago, I wanted to be a nurse but I was intimidated with taking so many pre-requisites and not knowing if I'd even be accepted into a program. Instead I earned a business degree. This past January I told myself that I need to follow my dream of becoming a nurse. I completed a CNA and QMAP program, and now I am trying to decide what path to take to become an nurse. My wife will be working full-time once I start a program and I have been blessed with an inheritance that will help us out with tuition and living expenses until I start working after I am done with school. It's a lot of money but not enough to pay for all of school and rent, etc. However, it will definitively help us tremendously. _ My first bachelor's degree was paid for WITHOUT student loans. I will need to take out federal student loans to help. Do I qualify for FAFSA loans even though I already have a 4 year degree (keep in mind I've never used federal aid)? - A concern of mine is that almost all of the accelerated BSN programs in Denver have different pre-requisites. Can anyone recommend a program that is not super, super competitive as far as admissions? I am an A/B+ student so I have excellent study habits and discipline, but I just want to make sure I get into a program. -I've been thinking of getting an LPN because it's admission process is not as competitive, and plus I'd get to work sooner. However, it doesn't seem like Denver has any LPN - RN programs. Also I do not want to work in Long-Term Care. I really, really want to work in a hospital setting. Is the LPN route recommended? It's very appealing to me, but I'm thinking I won't be fulfilled and/or it doesn't match my goals. -For my pre-requisites I have A's in the English, Statistics, all of the social/behavioral science, Nutrition classes, and I have a B in Anatomy & Physiology I. I'd appreciate any feedback regarding my chances of getting admitted right away, ideas on which program in Denver I should be working toward, advice on if I qualify for federal student loans, is LPN a route worth taking initially. Thanks so much!
  14. Tyler118632

    No Experience CNA Pay in Denver

    Does anyone know which hospital/hospital system in Denver pays the most for new CNA’s? I work for Centura Health and the starting pay is $12.72/hr. Thank you!

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