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FRCC (Westminster) Fall 2020


Anyone else apply?

What are your total admission points?

I have 47.36/50

I also applied!! The waiting game is awful! I keep checking my email everyday. I had 47.84 points. Hopefully it's enough , this is my first time applying so I didn't qualify for the extra points for a previous application .

Have you heard when they plan to notify everyone?

Tyler118633, EMT-B

Has 5 years experience.

Awesome! Do you think we have enough points to be accepted? I can’t imagine 38 other applicants have maxed out the points (minus the 2 point for applying a second time). I email the program assistant quite regularly. She said if I haven’t heard if I’ve been accepted/not accepted by mid-April to email her for an answer.

I hope we have enough , I think 47 is pretty competitive. Have you applied anywhere else?

Tyler118633, EMT-B

Has 5 years experience.

I applied back in December for Denver College of Nursing and was accepted for the July 2020 start date. However, I did not like the idea of using almost all of my savings on the $56,000 program, so I declined their acceptance offer. I plan on applying For Arapahoe’s RN program. I have more admission points for their RN program.

Hey All,

Did you guys get your acceptance letter for Spring 2021? I was accepted and will wait it out until then.