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  1. Hey all. So, I have a question for you all. How do you feel with any feelings of incompetency as a future nurse? I’m sure we all have been there but I feel personally I have hit rock bottom as of recently. I see myself as a student who does well in theory and satisfactory during clinical. But this week during clinical, I felt like I couldn’t even continue nursing school. I feel like I tend to forget some things here and there but I do turn in assignments and all on time. But because of my mild forgetfulness, my professor and I discussed how it came across as me not “caring about nursing.” I see myself who has sacrificed a lot just for nursing school, as a lot of us out there. To hear someone say that did hurt a lot. It was also combined with me not being so verbally expressive with my own emotions during class discussions when I’m really just very conservative. This is the reason I felt like I couldn’t been a good nurse. Please tell me times you felt perhaps incompetent and how you dealt with those feelings.