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    Intern/Doctor’s wife/husband

    Are there any nurses who have worked with their wife or husband who is a intern/resident/fellow/attending? Would you recommend working in the same hospital building as them? Or is staying in different buildings for the best?
  2. Just an update to anyone who has found this post, is in a similar predicament, and has wondered what I ended up doing... I ended up applying for both a Temp permit & license for endorsement. Once I got by CHRC & uploaded it I got my permit activated very quickly (uploaded it late Friday night, was activated by late Monday night evening), but have not received anything in the mail. My permanent license is still pending. The only things they are waiting for to give me a license are my school transcripts (which I requested to be sent before I even got my fingerprinting done... I think I will request them to resend it) & letter of good standing (confused why this is still pending because I paid NURSYS to make it available for PA to review online). I did end up applying for jobs before I even had my permit activated. It seems Pittsburgh, or PA in general, are understanding when it comes to working with a permit. I think PA lets new nurses practice nursing before they’ve passed the NCLEX by obtaining a “Graduate nurse practice permit” ... I have a RN practice permit, so it seems hospitals by Pitt accepts permits, and are understanding since I’m already an RN and just waiting for my permanent license. I currently have 2 job offers. So to any nurse wives or husbands who have an impending/possible move... it will be ok, and will work out. Although I still recommend you get your CHRC if you know there’s a chance you’re moving in the next 3 months .
  3. Hi everyone/anyone- I'm really hoping someone sees this and replies... My husband & I just found out on Friday that he got matched in Pittsburgh for his residency so we'd be moving there from NJ. He starts mid June, so I feel like I have a tight timeframe to switch my license, and find a job. I think the time constraint is making me make some illogical choices & I already wasted money by doing things wrong-- like I didn't take an approved DHS Child Abuse CE course; and I payed for an FBI Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) when I just need a NJ CHRC (if I'm wrong about this, someone please correct me). Clearly, I'm feeling really overwhelmed with the overall process, so I figured I'd come on here and see if anyone who has received their PA license by endorsement could answer some questions and/or offer advice *Since I only have a 2 to 3 month window, should I be applying for a Temp Permit, then get a license later? I think I read that Temp permits have a 5 wk review vs. 12 weeks for a license *I already asked my college to send my transcripts to the PA State Board of Nursing, but haven't turned in my application yet because I still need to have my state CHRC done. If they receive my transcripts before my application, should I get the transcripts sent again, after I turn in my application? (I plan to do so online) *Does anyone from NJ remember how long it took to receive your CHRC report after finger printing? And did anyone opt to have their report notarized? (I did cause I figured it couldn't hurt & it's the same price) *Should I start looking for/applying for jobs in Pittsburgh now, or wait until I actually get the PA license/Temp? Even though we had no idea what state we'd end up in, I'm starting to wish I started the process before we even found out we were moving to Pittsburgh. Or at least got a CHRC done ahead of time. Or I wish all states were compact states (even though NJ isn't even one)