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  1. Med Error

    I will say this thread has made me re examine my own practice and be extra careful with med administration. Like many units mine is also short staffed, and we are stretched thin but I am re prioritizing to make sure treatments and meds are delivered ...
  2. Med Error

    I am confused about the co-signer catching the mistake after administration, the entire point of co-sign is to catch a potential mistake prior to administration of the med not after. So I wonder if OP was also skirting policy on getting a double chec...
  3. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    There is a facebook group for that program just search "athabasca lpn to RN" and it will come up. Has a ton of info.
  4. CPNRE September 2021

    wasn't intended to be insulting at all, I have the utmost respect for anyone going to school or working and having to use a language other then their native language. For myself personally I don't think I could be successful doing it, since nursing t...
  5. CPNRE September 2021

    I live in a city with a lot of nurses/nursing students who speak english as a second language. this is just going by what they have told me. I think NCLEX you can write in your native language.
  6. CPNRE September 2021

    I heard it will be harder as well. it's an adaptive test so when the computer/test software recognizes your weak areas it will test you more on those. Personally I was an average student in nursing school but found the cprne fairly easy. I think...
  7. CPNRE September 2021

    does your provisional/temp license not get pulled if you fail? in ontario it does. they contact your employer as well. that's nice that alberta gives you a chance
  8. CPNRE September 2021

    I know a few people personally (+ myself) that wrote on the 18th, we all got results yesterday, all passed. the cprne website says if you had a borderline pass (eg 69 instead of 70) they will remark it by hand. but last time they release...
  9. CPNRE September 2021

    same here. I think if your official results are not out it will automatically let you pay for the next window. It could also be delays on the CNO's end due to the website crashing. I know saying "Stay positive" seems silly but its true, you don't kn...
  10. CPNRE September 2021

    I would call the cno tomorrow and ask what's going on (call right at 8:30am and leave a callback number.
  11. CPNRE September 2021

    you could try calling the governing body too. is it cplna there? doesn't hurt to see if they have an estimate of when results will be released
  12. CPNRE September 2021

    maybe alberta releases all at once. ontario does two batches. our testing window ended sept 26 here though.
  13. CPNRE September 2021

    2 emails likely means you passed! one for your results and another saying you are ready to register
  14. CPNRE September 2021

    is the cno asking anyone else to pay the full fee again?? I paid 339 previously
  15. CPNRE September 2021

    I passed!! (ontario)