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  1. LOL you and I both! I havent seen much stats either when i was trying to research thats why i created this post. It's so nerve wrecking waiting for the results. As soon and you hear something please post! vice versa!
  2. My stats: Science: 4.0gpa Pre-riqs: 3.61gpa No health experience and a second language. TEAS score was average.. too embarrassing to say lol. I am hopefully my science grades pull through on that part. What are your stats looking like?
  3. I'm not entirely sure but based on the previous forums, someone said that they wont have any information until after the 30th. The process could take while but to be near your phone and listen to your voicemail in case they call cause they can move on quick if you don't respond when they reach out to you to let you know if you've been offered a spot. The waiting game sure makes me anxious.
  4. I know right! It's the waiting game. I wonder how many applicants applied this year. Crossing my fingers we get in.
  5. I haven't seen a forum created on here yet for this year, so I thought I would make one. Love for some people to share some of their stats. Also if anyone knows when they normally send out notices?