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NamasteLVN has 9 years experience as a LPN, LVN and specializes in Home health PEDS.

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  1. NamasteLVN

    Home environment-infestations

    I've been working with my agency for 3 years now. Just started back this week after a year off after having my son. I am on a new case working Monday through Friday. I like the case but the home is INFESTED with roaches. There's always 2-3 on the cou...
  2. NamasteLVN

    QuantiFERON instead of TB test

    Has anyone declined the tb test for employment in place of a quantiferon test? Do you need a physician to order it for you or does the employer order it? This is my first time declining a tb test in place of quantiferon.
  3. NamasteLVN

    LVN short shifts

    Any advice on where/what field would accommodate a nurse wanting to work a 4 hour shift. I just had a baby last Summer and trying to get back to work (not by choice but necessity). Honestly never wanted to go back to nursing but my husband working an...