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Any advice on where/what field would accommodate a nurse wanting to work a 4 hour shift. I just had a baby last Summer and trying to get back to work (not by choice but necessity). Honestly never wanted to go back to nursing but my husband working and me being a stay at home mom is not sustainable. I haven't worked since I took maternity leave June 2020. Anyway my baby is 8 months old, we have no family around to help so I need short shifts so my husband and I can take turns taking care of the baby. I called a home health agency today to ask and the lady sounded turned off by me asking if they have 4 hour shifts. Any advice? I have home health peds hospice snf LTC experience.


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Most likely, extended care home health if you want the workday with only one case.  Or you can do intermittent visits part time, one or two or more visits.  Otherwise, I posted recently that a LTC facility hired me to do a four hour shift to do a med pass.  You are going to have to be persistent and sell yourself, because, as you guess, and the hh lady alluded to, four hour shifts are not much help to anyone, unless the family member wants to make a quick run to the store.  Good luck.

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The nurses I know that work at methadone and suboxone clinics have shorter than usual hours 4 to 6 on most days. I don't know if it's just those clinics or if other methadone clinics operate similarly.