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  1. Hi! I got my ATT and I'm going to kick my NCLEX prep prep into high gear. Any tips for the test? I'm so nervous!

    1. proudRN2456


      Hello! I passed my test on first try back in June. I studied using ATI and ThePoint. I used to do one exam with shut off indicator and then as many questions I could handle after that each day. The biggest thing that kept me motivated was what one instructor told me. If you don't have the time for studying now how will you have the time for it if you don't pass? Do not study content, focus on the NCLEX style questions. While studying take frequent breaks. I drove to my test site the week before. This is going to sound so silly but one of my instructors recommended it. I wrote my name with RN after it on sticky notes and placed them all over my house where I would see them through the day. I really think it helped. I chewed mints the whole way to the testing center.I chose to take my test the same time of the day that I usually tested at school which was in the morning. I listened to music and sang along on my drive up. I ended up getting 110 questions and I left crying my eyes out because I was sure I failed. I know everyone says that but I was SURE. I ran a stop sign..... I was a mess! I hope you wake up the day you test knowing you're going to walk out with a pass. Good luck but you won't need it🙂

    2. Slynnwater

      Slynnwater, ADN, RN

      Thank you so much!! These are great tips. Our teachers told us to drive there the week before too. I'm going to use your sticky note tip. It's so easy for me to believe in everyone but myself. I'm also going to just stick to questions now. I was on the fence about whether I should review content again. There is way to much info in those books! Thanks again!

    3. Slynnwater

      Slynnwater, ADN, RN

      ProudRN2456 Forgot to tell you I passed! Thanks again for the advice. 🙂


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