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  1. I don’t feel like I deserve to be a nurse. I’m a third semester student and I barely know how to hang and set up an IV. Like literally I don’t even know how to start the machine...that’s how bad it is. I absolutely loveee helping people and there’s nothing that makes me more happy in life than to help individuals in need. With that being said though, I just feel so incompetent. Honestly, half of the time when my classmates are talking about the Pathophysiology of diseases, or nursing interventions/priorities.....I don’t even know what they’re talking about half of the time. I just listen in awe as to how intelligent they are. But then reflect back on how little I know about the SAME subject that realistically all of us should know about. I'm struggling. Hard core. Every bone in my body knows that nursing is the only career out there for me that would make me happy. Yet, every bone in my body also thinks that I’m not intelligent enough to be a nurse. It’s terrible. It’s like having the loveee and passionnn of wanting to do what’s good...yet not having a brain to back you up on it. I just feel so lost & all I want to do is cry. I just feel so dumb. & I also don’t like how faculty may potentially only judge you based on how you’re doing IN nursing school......honestly, things like Med surg don’t even interest me in the slightest bit. Yet I feel like professors judge you just bc they’ve seen how you are on a Med surg floor for example......in the end of the day, my heart is in aesthetics or women’s health. does anyone have any success stories of HATING nursing school & feeling like a complete failure while you’re going through it.....yet are totally crushing it career wise?! is how I’m feeling normal? I just feel so lost.
  2. Hi guys! Ill be starting nursing school soon & was just wondering if anyone has suggestions of GOOD practice books. I personally learn best when I answer a bunch of questions on materials I just learned. Or if you have any good recommendations of particular quizlet I should look up or key words to type in on quizlet, that would also be very helpful! Any advice you really have interms of succeeding in nursing school & doing well on exams or things you wish you knew before starting nursing school would really help! Thank you!!
  3. Hi guys, my nursing program is starting in a few weeks & I was planning on taking CBD oil since I have generalized anxiety (I don’t take any meds). With school starting soon, I find my anxiety legit flying through the roof. I was very hopeful in trying CBD oil, but was very disappointed when I found out that there is a high chance you could possibly fail a drug test- soo, definitely bummed about that & wont be risking it. Do any of you guys know of any natural supplements for anxiety that legit actually WORK?? Please mention the specific brand too that you think helps. I’ve tried soo many natural supplements & different brands, but none of them did a single thing for me....I don’t know what to do Thank you!
  4. Nursing_1011

    UCI MEPN Fall 2019

    ahhhh, I hope we did well!! I have no idea what to expect! does anyone know when they will get back to us of their decision making? I know they said beginning of April, but is there a specific date/week?
  5. Nursing_1011

    UCI MEPN Fall 2019

    Hey guys! would anyone mind sharing their interview experience if they've completed it already?? Do we even get to greet ourselves and say hi, or does it jump straight into the 4 question interview? Lastly, did they use common questions or were you a bit shocked with the questions? thank you in advance and I wish everyone the best of luck!!

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