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    Nursing School Burnout/Rant....Help

    Hi y'all! So I'm completing my sophomore year of nursing school, and I'm experiencing some major burnout. The thing is, I realize this isn't even the toughest year of the program, and I'm kinda freaking out about my junior year. I've been taking pharmacology this semester, and it's been very difficult. I scored well on my first exam, but the second test score wasn't so hot. This was really discouraging since I had studied so hard for the exam. There is so much material to memorize and apply effectively to certain situations/scenarios Today, I had a nursing fundamentals exam that could have gone a lot better. A lot of the questions were tricky and NCLEX-style, so I'm worried that I might not have done so well. Right now, I've reached an all-time low at this point in my academic career. There is just so much to stay on top of, and I hate when I don't get A's or at least a B+ (which is stupid, I know). So my questions for y'all: Is it normal to feel this down and out, even though I'm still towards the beginning of the program? How did you do in pharmacology and fundamentals? How is junior year compared to sophomore year? Any tips or encouragement? Any your opinion, what is the hardest class of nursing school? Thanks in advance for letting me rant and any advice would be much appreciated! Best wishes to everyone!