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I received my first degree in Pharmacology/Toxicology, originally wanting to work in drug development. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to work more directly with patients in healthcare and be able to interact with them and see the progress that they make, so I changed direction to become a Nurse! Excited for this new venture!

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  1. HelloSunshine545

    New Grad through COVID

    I started as a new grad nurse on an orthopedic floor this September, a floor that I have worked on as a CNA for about a year. I got three weeks of orientation and I felt comfortable in my position, especially since the majority of our patients are me...
  2. HelloSunshine545

    NAU ABSN Program 2021

    There is a pretty extensive information regarding this on the NAU ABSN 2020 page on allnurses, so definitely check that out - some people posted their stats and whether they got in or not, so you can go off of that. The Kaplan Entrance Exam is very d...
  3. HelloSunshine545

    CSU- Pueblo Accelerated Nursing Program May 2019!

    Okay! Thanks so much for your responses! Do you guys happen to have any information about the Nurse Extern positions at Parkview? Are they pretty flexible with the nursing students/ do you think it would be feasible to work these positions in the las...
  4. HelloSunshine545

    CSU- Pueblo Accelerated Nursing Program May 2019!

    Hello! I am going to be attending this program this Summer, and was wondering how the intensity is- I've heard that it is not recommended that you work. Has anyone in the program been able to work throughout the program?
  5. HelloSunshine545

    NAU ABSN 2020

    I just received an email! I got accepted! Did anyone else receive news?
  6. HelloSunshine545

    NAU ABSN 2020

    I don't know if this is indicative of an acceptance, but I logged into the NAU PeopleSoft and I saw that I had been assigned an advisor. When I clicked on details, it showed me that I had an academic program assigned to me- the accelerated BSN. Again...
  7. HelloSunshine545

    Choosing a Nursing Program

    Hello everyone! So I have been accepted into a couple of nursing programs and was hoping I could get some advice on how to choose between them. This is the information I've gathered: School 1 has 675 clincial hours, mainly at one hospital, which has ...
  8. HelloSunshine545

    NAU ABSN 2020

    Thanks for the information @Cpt ATP !
  9. HelloSunshine545

    CSU-P Accelerated BSN Program 2020

    Hello everyone! I got accepted into CSU-P's accelerating nursing program starting this summer, and I was wondering if anyone had any information on the amount of clinical hours students get throughout the entire program and what type of clinical hour...
  10. HelloSunshine545

    NAU ABSN 2020

    Hello, @Cpt ATP, I was wondering if you knew how many clinical hours the ABSN program gets?
  11. HelloSunshine545

    NAU ABSN 2020

    Personally, I really liked reading your semester review! I would love to read more stuff like it if you've got the time
  12. HelloSunshine545

    NAU ABSN 2020

    Yeah I hope so, too. Ditto on the good luck!
  13. HelloSunshine545

    NAU ABSN 2020

    I also got a 65% in science when I took the Kaplan (?). I was really upset with myself- I was expecting all physiology questions and barely got any! Most of the science seemed to be extremely general bio, I was really surprised. It looks like NAU isn...
  14. HelloSunshine545

    U of A MENP

    Hello everyone! I was looking into past baccelerate programs in Phoenix and I found this one. I was wondering how the program was in Phoenix and if you'd recommend it. I realize that it awards an MS-RN and not an BSN and was wondering if anyone foun...